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Attract Hummingbirds to Garden

Bring in the hummingbirds and brighten your landscape with colorful plants.

Hedges of weigela provide shelter for birds and the funnel-form flowers are filled with nectar for both hummingbirds and butterflies to enjoy.

Allow honeysuckle vines to climb over rocks and structures or train them onto a trellis. The season long flowers of this honeysuckle will help attract hummingbirds and add color to even small areas in the yard.

Columbine’s nectar filled spurs provides food for early season hummingbirds and butterflies. 

Garden phlox adds color to the summer garden with its flowers and hummingbird appeal.  Look for powdery mildew resistant varieties or plant them amongst other tall plants to hide any discolored foliage that may occur.

The vigorous trumpet vine can be trained on a sturdy trellis or pruned into a small scale tree.  Partner with an equally assertive vine, like sweet autumn clematis, for an extra season of bloom.

A bit more information:  Annuals can also help bring in the butterflies and hummingbirds. Include a few Tiny Mice or firecracker (cigar plant) Cuphea in a container to bring hummingbirds to your patio or deck.  Fuchsias are great for shady areas and Verbena bonariensis combines nicely with other sun-loving plants.  Though beware, this true biennial can be a bit weedy in some parts of the country.

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