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A Garden for All Five Senses

A colorful landscape is a thing of beauty to enjoy with your eyes.  But it should also appeal to your other senses.

Sweet autumn clematis bursts into bloom each fall creating a beautiful and fragrant welcome to visitors.  And the buzzing of the bees adds to the enjoyment.

Fragrant flowers of fall blooming bugbane add a bit of sweet perfume to shade gardens.  And include a few fragrant flowers like heliotrope, alyssum and nicotiana to containers on your balcony or deck.

The rustle of the tree leaves, ornamental grasses, and wind chimes plus water moving in fountains and waterfalls add another dimension of enjoyment to the landscape.

The soft fuzzy leaves of lambs’ ear and silver sage beg to be petted while scented geraniums release fragrance with each petting. 

The color, texture and flavor of sage, Rosemary and other herbs add beauty and edibility to containers and gardens.

A bit more information: Add a fragrant welcome for your guests.  Use ornamental and fragrant trees and shrubs near the front entrance of your home.  Daphne, lilacs, some crabapples and others provide seasonal bloom and fragrance.  Then add a few containers or fill nearby flower beds with fragrant annuals.

Upcoming Appearances

August 22
Mequon Nature Preserve
Mequon, WI

August 24
Sanger House Gardens
Milwaukee, WI

Sept. 14
Pasquesi Home & Gardens
Lake Bluff, IL

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