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Starting New Rosary Vines from Aerial Tubers

A fun part of gardening is experimenting with new plants and new gardening techniques. The rosary plant, also known as string of hearts, provides an opportunity for both.

Rosary vine gets this common name from the bead-like growths that develop along the stem. These are actually bulbils or aerial tubers that can be used to start new plants. Just push them into the ground to root and form new stems. Leaving them attached to the plant increases your chance of success. Just lay the stem on the soil surface and push the tuber into the ground.  You can do this in the same pot or on another pot of soil. Keep the soil moist, not wet to encourage rooting. It can take weeks and even months for the tuber to start growing. Once new growth appears you can sever it from the parent plant. Move your new plant to a bright location and water as needed.

A bit more information: You can also start new plants from cuttings.  Make a 4-inch cutting and place it in a well-draining potting mix to root. Keep the soil moist and plant out of direct sun until roots develop.


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