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Growing Rosary Vines (Ceropegia) Indoors

Don’t let the delicate appearance of rosary vine (Ceropegia) dissuade you from growing this easy-care houseplant.

Rosary vine’s wiry stems are covered with small gray-green heart shaped leaves. The leaves inspired its other common name string of hearts.

Grow it in a hanging basket or display it on a pedestal, high shelf or any place where the long stems can grow unobstructed. Healthy plants can grow as much as 4 to 5 feet in a year.

Small round structures, known as bulbils or aerial tubers, develop along the stems. These growths resemble beads and gave rise to the common name, Rosary vine.

Grow it in bright light and water thoroughly whenever the soil is starting to dry. Only fertilize May through August. Allow the soil to go slightly drier and keep the plant in a cool 65-degree location during its winter resting period. 

A bit more information:  With proper care and adequate light these plants will produce small flowers that resemble an upturned vase. The brownish pink flowers have a light fragrance similar to hoya flowers.


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