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Wax Plant, Hoya carnosa

Fragrant flowers, attractive foliage and easy-care nature make the wax plant (Hoya carnosa), a favorite of many gardeners.

Grow this houseplant in a container filled with a well-drained potting mix in bright light.  This trailing plant tolerates drought making it the perfect plant for busy gardeners.

The waxy leaves can be solid green, variegated or curled like those of the Hindu rope variety (Hoya carnosa compacta). And when the conditions are right, hoyas will produce beautiful fragrant blooms. 

Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil just start to dry.  Keep the soil a bit moister during the summer when the plant is actively growing.  Allow the soil to dry a bit more when the plant is resting during the winter. 

High humidity in spring and summer followed by cooler temperatures and drier soil in winter will encourage flowering.  Limit pruning as most hoyas develop long leafless stems that eventually bloom. 

A bit more information: Summering hoyas outdoors increases your chance of flowering. Wait for night temperatures to linger in the 60’s before moving the plant outside. And be sure to move it back indoors as night temperatures drop in late summer or fall.



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