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Reduce Water Use When Growing a Lawn

Implement several water-wise strategies to reduce water use when growing a lawn.

Consider using drought tolerant grasses suited to your region. Buffalo grass is a native grass that is soft and green and can be used for a lawn. Grow it from plugs or sod.

Rhizomatous tall fescues are drought tolerant and have a growth habit similar to bluegrass and other lawn grasses.  You can start these lawns from seed or sod.

No Mow grass is a blend of fine fescues.  They tend to be more drought tolerant than many lawn grasses and can be allowed to grow 12 inches tall like a meadow or mowed high once a month.  You’ll use less water and energy.

And if you choose to water your lawn, check with your local municipality.  Many allow gray water usage with underground irrigation systems.  These systems reduce water usage by as much as 50%.

A bit more information:  Grow your lawn tall to encourage deep, more drought tolerant roots. And sharpen your mower’s blades. The sharp blade makes a clean cut that closes more quickly than that made by a dull blade.  This reduces water usage by up to 30%.


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