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DIY Arrangement from Dried Plant Material

Welcome family and guests with a basket or container of dried materials collected from your landscape and placed at your front entrance.

Scour your landscape for trees and shrubs with colorful berries. Collect a few flowering stems of ornamental grasses, dried flowers, and some gourds or small pumpkins. Anything that looks good in the garden will add to your arrangement’s beauty.

Add some interesting twists to the arrangement with corkscrew willow, Harry Lauders Walking stick or grape vines.

Wire the stems together and onto a wire basket.  You can incorporate the basket into the design or hide it from view.  Or secure your arrangement in pots and baskets that drain. You may need to place a few rocks in the bottom as a counter weight. Use chicken wire at the bottom and crisscrossed wires over the top of the container to form a secure base for arrangement.

A bit more information:  Floral foam can be used to secure your arrangement if it’s placed under cover and kept dry. And avoid windy locations that may topple or destroy your creation.


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November 9
The Conservancy for Healing & Heritage
Franklin, WI

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