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Prolong the Beauty of DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Your holiday centerpiece is just a winter walk away.  Don your coat, grab the pruners and take a walk through your landscape to gather the makings of a beautiful arrangement.

Use clean sharp pruners to harvest branches from mature trees and shrubs. Stagger cuts making them just above a healthy bud or an adjoining branch. This leaves your plants healthy and looking their best throughout the winter.

Avoid yews and holly if you have pets and youngsters who like to graze on your arrangements. Both are toxic.

Immediately place clippings in room temperature water and store in a cool location out of sunlight until you are ready to make your arrangement. Recut the stems just prior to placing them in floral foam or a vase of clean fresh water.

Prolong the life of your arrangement by storing it in a cool location out of direct sunlight.

 A bit more information:  Dress up arrangements made in clear vases by submerging colorful cranberries and a few sprigs of greenery in the water. This adds color and hides the mechanics of your arrangement. 


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