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Tips for Gardening with Kids

Gardeners know gardening, even viewing a garden, is good for the mind, body and spirit. It improves strength and flexibility, lowers blood pressure and elevates our moods. And this is true for all members of the family from the very young to the more seasoned.

Plan on sharing these benefits with the youngsters in your life. Children, and even adults, who grow their own vegetables, are more likely to eat them. 

Make weeding and insect control educational and fun.  Have a contest to see who can pull the most weeds.  Check the bag to make sure the whole weed, roots and all, was pulled and none of the good plants ended up in the weed bucket. 

Teach children the difference between the good and bad insects. Then have them pluck, drop and stomp the pests and burn off some of that excess energy in the process.

End the season with a harvest party including all your homegrown produce.

A bit more information: Gardening provides added benefits to children. Research shows children exposed to the outdoors and gardening are more focused, have less issues with attention deficit and score better on tests. Girls raised in a landscaped environment are more confident and less subject to peer pressure. Incorporate gardening activities into your year-round activities.


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