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Celebrate National Frog Month April and All Year Long

Frogs are important members of our ecosystem. They help manage insect pests that attack our gardens, support medical research and indicate the quality of our environment.  Take some time this month to find ways to support the frogs in your community. 

Frogs are sensitive to changes in the environment. Being careful about how we manage our landscapes and trash can help frog populations. 

Keep trash and chemicals out of our waterways. Contaminated water entering the storm sewers often makes its way through forests and grasslands and eventually wetlands.  These are all prime frog habitats.

Do, however, leave rocks, leaf litter, and logs near the edge of ponds.  Plant grasses and other non-invasive plants along the shoreline. All of this provides shelter for the frogs.

Reduce or eliminate chemical use in the landscape and don’t flush medicines down the toilet. 

A bit more information:Get the whole family involved. Create a frog and toad friendly habitat. Then visit Treetop hoppersand the National Wildlife Federation Blog for some fun activities for the youngsters in your life.


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