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Spiral Herb Garden

Grow a 25-foot row of herbs in a circular garden 6 feet in diameter and 3 feet tall by creating a Spiral Herb Garden. 

Locate your spiral herb garden in a sunny location near your home for convenient harvesting.  Start by marking the outline of the bed and inner walls of the spiral. Construct the garden walls from bricks, stone filled gabion baskets, bamboo stakes or wattle fencing made of woven branches.  Anchor the walls to the ground for strength and stability.

Purchase a quality blended topsoil suitable for planting beds or fill your spiral garden using the lasagna or hugelkulture method.  These methods recycle plant debris into a wonderful planting mix.

Fill the garden with your favorite herbs. Mulch the soil to conserve water and continue to improve the soil. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are starting to dry.

A bit more information: Design your planting so the sun-loving, more drought-tolerant plants are in the upper level. Give plants enough room to reach their mature size, but you will see you can set plants closer together due to the layered nature of the garden bed.



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