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Plant Root Demonstration

I would like to create a plant root demonstration using Jell-O instead of soil. Is this okay to do? How should I go about it? 

Tissue culture propagators and scientists use a gelatin-like substance called agar for plants.  It, unlike the gelatin we eat, is plant based.  I am not sure the not sure jello would work but it might be fun to experiment.  Or try some of the new water retaining crystals such as Water Crystals instead.  You may have seen them used for houseplant cuttings.  Growers often add food coloring for a more colorful rooting display.  Simply place the water retaining crystals in a clear container and follow directions for hydrating these polymers. Set the clear rooting jar inside an opaque container to prevent light from interfering with root growth.  Then lift the clear container out of the opaque container whenever you need to check on the rooting process.  


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