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Apple and Pear Fruit Full of Worms

I have both apple and pear trees in my backyard that produces fruit each year. Unfortunately the fruit is usually full of worms. What can I do to keep the trees and fruit but get rid of the worms?

Codling moths are usually the worm we find in wormy apples. Start control with sanitation. Remove fallen fruit and discard or bury at least 2 feet below ground. Spraying the tree at petal fall and again in 10 days will take care of most of the problem. High populations may need additional one or two sprays to control the summer generation. Use an insecticide labeled for apples and codling moth control. Bacillus thuringiensis has not been particularly effective against this pest. Visit the United States Department of Agriculture website extension.org to find your local Extension Service. They may have more detailed information on the care of apple trees in your part of the country.


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