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Globe Thistle

Botanical Name
Echinops ritro
Zones 3 to 8
3 to 4 feet
2 to 3 feet
Summer: steel blue
Full sun
Planting & Care
  • May need staking in fertile soils
  • Propagate by seed, division or root cutting
  • Globe thistle will self sow readily, lift and replant volunteer plants in spring or sow seeds for new plants in mid spring
  • Divide clumps in spring or take 2-3" root cuttings from established plants
  • Deadhead to prevent reseeding
  • Cut plants back to basal foliage after flowering to encourage a repeat bloom
  • Lower leaves of globe thistle tends to become ratting during the season, place lower growing plants in front to conceal the stems and declining foliage
  • Taplow Blue - 2-3" steel-blue flowers, 4-5' tall
  • Veitch's Blue - darker flowers than Taplow Blue, 3-3.5' tall

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