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Selecting Grass Seed

We walk on it, play sports on it and expect it to look great all year long - our lawns.

But harsh weather, animals and less than ideal growing conditions take its toll, resulting in dead patches and thin lawns.

Start the repair process by selecting the best grass seed for the growing conditions and use.

Use a sunny mix for those full sun locations. They have a high percent of sun tolerant grass. While shade mixes have a higher percent of shade tolerant grass seed. And the durable or high traffic mixes have wear tolerant grass perfect for areas where family, pets, and kids love to play.

You can purchase or make your own lawn patch kit. Simply take a handful of grass seed, mix it into a bucket of topsoil, then roughen up that soil surface, sprinkle on the lawn patch, water and wait.

For best results, seed lawns in spring or late summer through early fall.

A bit more information: Speed up germination and protect seeds from hungry birds with floating row covers. These polypropylene spun fabrics let air, light and water through while trapping heat near the soil and grass seedlings. Sold as Grass Fast, Harvest Guard or ReeMay the lightweight fabric can be laid over the newly seeded area, anchored to the ground with wire wickets and left in place until the new grass is ready to mow.

Water newly seeded lawns (right through the floating row cover) often enough to keep the soil surface moist. Reduce the frequency and increase the quantity of water applied once the grass begins to grow. Water new lawns whenever the top few inches of soil are crumbly but moist. Apply enough water to moisten the top six inches of soil. This encourages deep roots for a more drought tolerant and pest resistant lawn.


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