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Managing Fruit Flies

As the garden-fresh vegetables fill our kitchens fruit flies often move in to share the harvest.  Continue to enjoy fresh produce while managing these unwanted pests.

Fruit flies feed on fermenting organic matter and breed in areas that stay constantly moist. They can also be found in windows and sinks or other places with light and moisture.  

Start by removing and composting any damaged fruits and vegetables. Empty the trash and clean the container. Scrub sink drains as far as you can reach with a stiff brush dipped in bleach and rinse with hot water to remove the accumulated debris. 

Purchase or make your own fruit fly traps. Fill a glass with a half of cup of apple cider vinegar. Cover it with clear plastic wrap and punch a small hole in the plastic with a toothpick. The adults will crawl inside but will be unable to leave.

A bit more information:  If fruit flies are still present, you may not have found the breeding spot.  Locate it by covering suspected drains with clear plastic for several days.  The adults will accumulate under the film. Repeat the cleaning process as needed.


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