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Leaf Drop on Weeping Figs

Does it feel like fall in your home as your weeping fig tree drops lots of its leaves on your living room floor? Don’t worry.  It’s most likely a response to the change of seasons.

Weeping figs, a type of Ficus, are sensitive to any change in their environment.  So as the days shorten and light intensity decreases outdoors the amount of light reaching your weeping fig indoors also decreases.  Fortunately, this plant can lose up to 95% of its leaves and still recover.

Adjust your watering and fertilization to match the indoor growing conditions and your plant’s needs.  Always water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soil slightly moist.  And be sure to pour off or capture the excess water in a gravel tray.  Stop fertilizing during the winter unless your plants are actively growing and in need of a nutrient boost. 

A bit more information: As the plants adjust to the environmental changes, new leaves should appear. Minimize future risk of leaf drop by providing bright light and moist well-drained soil.  And try to maintain plants in as consistent growing conditions as possible.

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