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Eco-friendly Earwig Control

UGH! Oh gross!  Commonly heard right after an earwig is spotted.

This long slender beetle does look pretty ferocious with its pinchers.   It will pinch if cornered, but usually runs away from us faster than we can run away from it.

Before attempting to eradicate them, make sure the earwigs are causing enough damage to warrant control.  These pests are also beneficial in our landscapes.  Many species eat aphids and other plant damaging insects. 

You may decide the plant damage and the nuisance factor outweigh the benefits. Try trapping these pests.  Like slugs, earwigs like cool dark damp locations.  Use the cardboard cylinder from the center of a paper towel roll.  Fill with straws and weatherize it by covering the outside of the cylinder with packing tape.  The earwigs hide amongst the straws during the day.  Each morning lift the cylinder and knock the earwigs into a container of soapy water.

A bit more information: You can try other traps for removing these insects.  A crumpled piece of paper under an overturned flowerpot or a tube of bamboo will also work.  Eco-friendly insecticides are a last resort.  Be sure to read and follow all label directions carefully when using any, natural or synthetic, product in the garden.


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