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The Fly Responsible for Chocolate

Pollinators come in a variety of sizes and shapes including flies. It is a very small fly, the No See Um, that pollinates the flowers of the cacao tree whose fruit is the source of chocolate.

These Chocolate midges (Forcipomyia) are just one member of the 71 fly families that feed on flowers and aid in pollination. Hover flies rank with solitary bees and bumblebees as important pollinators.

Flies can be found in a variety of habitats from dark damp forests to mountaintops, in warm southern Africa to frigid cold Antarctica and locations in between. 

Flies are often considered a nuisance and their value overlooked.  But the large number of flies and their presence in a wide range of locations make them important pollinators.

So next time you bite into a candy bar or sip a cup of hot chocolate remember to thank a fly.

A bit more information: Flies, beetles and moths are the often overlooked pollinators in our landscapes. Like the monarchs and bees, they help pollinate the many plants we grow, enjoy and eat.


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