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Green Roof Birdfeeder

Invite the birds into your landscape for added color, motion, and interest while creating a focal point in one of your gardens.   Plant a green roof birdfeeder.

Green roofs on buildings are designed to reduce heating and cooling costs and storm water runoff.  Now you may not be able to turn in your roof’s shingles for a green roof, but you can create a charming feeder for the birds.

Use long-lasting cedar or rot-resistant plastic lumber to build the feeder.  Add a metal liner for additional protection.  With the addition of a border, the roof becomes a shallow planter.  Provide drainage by drilling holes along the edges.     

Fill it with a cactus and succulent or other well-drained potting mix.  Pop in some sedum, hens and chicks and other drought tolerant plants.  Water thoroughly and as needed throughout the growing season.

Add some birdseed and wait for your feathered friends to arrive.

A bit more information:  A green roof birdhouse is another option.  Construct the roof the same as you would for the feeder, just mount it on a closed structure instead of a platform feeder.  Select the right size house and opening for the birds you want to house.


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