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St. Patrick’s Day Marks Traditional Pea Planting Day

Many gardeners celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by planting peas in the garden. And for those gardens covered in snow – you will definitely need a bit of Irish luck on this planting day.

Peas grow and produce better in cooler temperatures, so early spring is a great time to plant. Wait until the soil temperature is at least 45 degrees if you are planting them directly in the garden. This may be March 17th, but for others planting peas a month before the last spring frost is best.

You can also start your seeds indoors in containers then move them into the garden when time and temperatures allow. Or pre-germinate your seeds by wrapping them in a moist paper towel placed in a plastic bag. Set in a warm location for a few days. Plant them in the garden or a container as soon as the roots appear.

A bit more information: Add a stake or trellis next to your row of peas. Training them saves space, reduces pest problems and makes harvesting easier.  Use a high heel and cardboard tube for a unique clean-hands pea planting method this spring. 


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