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Safely Store Landscape Products

Whether you’ve gone organic or use traditional fertilizers and pest management products you need to store them properly for safety’s sake and their longevity. 

Always leave these products in their original container.  They are designed to safely contain the products and they also contain all the information you need on proper use, safety and first aid.

Secure products out of the reach of pets and children.  Even natural products have the potential to cause illness or death if ingested.

Be sure to store granular products in a cool dry location.  Once these get wet the active ingredients can wash off the dried carrier, creating a hazard and making them less effective.  And the wet product tends to clump making proper application impossible.

Secure liquids out of direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.  That means move them from the shed and garage into a dark frost-free location for winter.  Freezing temperatures and sunlight can diminish their effectiveness. 

A bit more information: Contact your local municipality if you find yourself with outdated, unmarked or chemicals you no longer use.  Most communities have programs, often called “Clean Sweeps” for collecting and properly disposing of these products.  Do not throw them in the garbage and never dump them down the drain.  Remember, improper disposal of these products means dangerous chemicals can end up in our drinking water.


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