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Conserve Water with Proper Watering

Use water wisely in your landscape to save you time, improve plant health and reduce your water bill. 

Water when the top few inches of soil are crumbly and slightly moist.  Then thoroughly moisten the top 6 inches of soil.  Apply an inch of water for clay soil and a half an inch to thoroughly moisten sandy soils.  Use a straight sided can to measure the water applied.  Make note of pressure and time used, so you know what to do next time.

Water in the morning whenever possible.  Less water will be lost to evaporation and you reduce the risk of disease caused by wet foliage at night.

Use less water by applying it right to the soil with soaker hoses or drip irrigation.  Use a watering wand, aqua cone watering device or gallon milk jug with holes in the bottom to apply the water slowly to individual plants.

Check containers daily and water when the potting mix is as moist as a damp sponge.  Water thoroughly so excess runs out the drainage holes.

A bit more information:   Group water loving plants together to reduce time spent and water used caring for these plants.  And, don’t forget to mulch the soil surface in both container and in-ground gardens to conserve moisture.  A layer of herbicide-free grass clippings, shredded leaves, evergreen needles or shredded bark will help suppress weeds, improve the soil as they decompose, and keep the plant roots cool and moist.


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