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Moving Houseplants Indoors

Help your houseplants make a smooth transition from outdoors to inside. 

Isolate these plants from your indoor houseplant collection.  Unwanted insects often hitch a ride indoors as you move the plants inside.  Watch for insects and control any found with an eco-friendly product, such as insecticidal soap, as needed.

Help the plants adjust to the lower light indoors.  Start by placing plants in the sunniest south- or west-facing window available or grow them under artificial lights.  Leave the plants here for several weeks.

Next move them to an east-facing or well-lit north facing window.  Leave them here for several weeks.

Gradually decrease the light until the plants reach their final location.  The gradual acclimation helps the plants develop new more shade tolerant leaves.

Forgoing this process will result in yellow leaves and massive leaf drop.  This is stressful on the plants and most gardeners.

A bit more information: Reduce the stress on your plants and keep them looking good throughout the winter by growing them under artificial lights.  Using a combination or natural and artificial light can give your indoor plants the light they need to better survive the stressful indoor growing conditions.


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