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Increase Your Success Growing Ferns Indoors

Increase your success when growing ferns indoors.

Most ferns grown as houseplants are native to moist humid forests, unlike the growing conditions in our homes.

Grow ferns in bright indirect light. This is usually a few feet away from an east- or west-facing window or in front of one that faces north.

Keep the soil slightly moist. Growing ferns in plastic containers with drainage holes helps conserve moisture while providing adequate drainage. Avoid overwatering that can be just as detrimental as allowing the soil to go too dry.

Increase the humidity by placing your fern among other plants. Or fill the plant saucer with pebbles and water. Set the pot on the pebbles above the water in the saucer. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity around the plant.

And only fertilize actively growing ferns in need of a nutrient boost.

A bit more information: Reduce the maintenance and increase success with Austral Gem fern. This durable fern is much more drought tolerant than other ferns you may have tried in the past.


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