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Grow Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus) Indoors

The easy-care asparagus fern is a great houseplant for both beginning and experienced gardeners.

The ferny foliage and common name are a bit misleading.  It is not a true fern but rather a member of the lily family along with edible asparagus, lily, amaryllis, and hosta.

Showcase its long upright and trailing branches in a hanging basket or container set upon a pedestal. What we call leaves are actually short, modified stems that not only look but function like leaves. The barely visible true leaves and stiff sharp spines grow at the base of these.

Asparagus ferns are drought tolerant but do prefer consistent moisture spring through fall and slightly drier conditions in the winter. The leaves will turn yellow and drop off the stems when plants receive insufficient light or water. Remove dry stems to improve the plants appearance and adjust the growing conditions.

A bit more information:  When grown in bright light these plants often form clusters of small fragrant white flowers followed by green berries that eventually turn red.  These berries are a favorite treat for birds. The birds drop the seeds in natural areas, making this an invasive plant in Florida, Texas and Hawaii.  Although it is hardy in zones 9 to 11 and the roots may survive in zone 7 and 8, it is safer to only grow it indoors where it has or may become invasive.

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