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Celebrate Clean Air Month – Grow Some Air-Purifying Houseplants

Celebrate National Clean Air Month by growing a few houseplants to improve your indoor air quality. 

NASA teamed up with PLANET (Professional Landcare Network, formerly ALCA) and found adding 15 to 18, 6 to 8 inch diameter container houseplants will improve the air quality in an 1800 square foot house.  Keeping them healthy will increase their beauty and ability to cleanse the air.

Consider adding a bamboo palm (Chamaedorea sefritzii).  Use this large houseplant to create a warm welcome for guests, dress up a blank wall or mix in with other houseplants for an impressive indoor garden.

This palm is an understory plant in Central America.  It is hardy in zones 10 to 11 and adapted to the lower light conditions indoors.  Grow it in a brightly lit location and keep the soil slightly moist.

Cut off fronds as they die, leaving the leafy stem covering intact.  Once it is fully dried, remove to expose the attractive stems.

A bit more information:  Start new plants by division.  Remove suckers and offshoots that form at the base of the plant.  Slide the bamboo palm out of its pot.  Use a sharp knife or drywall saw to separate the offshoots from the main plant.  Repot the parent plant and offshoots in a container slightly larger than the remaining root ball.


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