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Caring for and Blooming Potted Clivia

Add a bit of color to your garden with potted Clivia (Clivia miniata).  These South African natives are easier to grow and flower than you may think. 

Grow these in a shaded location outdoors and in bright indirect light indoors.  Hardy in zones 9 to 11 you can move these plants indoors and out as needed.

Grow in a well-drained organic potting mix.  Avoid waterlogged soil that can lead to root rot.  Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soil just slightly moist during the summer season.

Consider using distilled or rainwater as these plants prefer acid soil.

Give the plant a rest for about three months over winter.  Keep the plant in a cool, light location.  Only water it if the plant begins to wilt.  In 6 to 12 weeks you will be rewarded with beautiful blooms.

Water more frequently when the plant is flowering and starting to grow.  Fertilize with a dilute solution of flowering plant fertilizer after the flowers fade.

A bit more information: Clivia came into popularity in the 1800’s when the first plant was sent to England from southern Africa.  It was popular as an indoor plant in England and Europe during the Victorian era.


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