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Valentine’s Day

There’s still time to create a unique gift for your favorite valentine.

Consider creating a heart-shaped topiary. All you need is a pot with drainage holes, a couple vining type plants and a piece of heavy gauge wire or a pre-formed heart shaped topiary frame.

Small leafed ivies and wire vines are easy to train into attractive topiaries. Look for small plants with long branches for immediate impact.

Bend the wire into a heart shape with one or two legs that will extend into the container. And consider dressing up your container with a bit of paint.

Fill the bottom half of the container with a well-drained potting mix. Set the topiary frame in place. Locate the plants in the container so the stems can be trained up either side of the heart.  Cover the roots with soil and water.

Secure the stems to the wire frame and add a decorative stone mulch, if desired.

A bit more information:  If your recipient is an avid gardener, they may prefer assembling their own valentine topiary. Just provide all the materials and directions wrapped in pretty paper.


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