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Add Bling to the Garden with Silver, Copper and Bronze Foliaged Plants

Add a bit of bling to your garden with metallic colored plants.  They make great additions to containers and garden beds.

Silver plants like plush lamb’s ear, variegated Jack Frost brunnera, Silver Shimmers lungwort and Russian sage can brighten a dreary corner of the garden. They also make a nice backdrop, helping nearby flowers standout in the garden bed or planter.

Use copper and bronze leafed plants to add variety and depth to the garden. Select plants that have similar tones and hues as the surrounding building materials. Or use them to contrast with blue leafed plants or create a focal point in the garden and container. 

You’ll find bronze and copper leafed coral bell varieties to tuck into planters, use as groundcovers or for mixed borders. Add vertical interest with twisted toffee sedges and Bronze Baby phormium. And add bold texture with Bronze Peacock rodgersia.

A bit more information:  Use bronze and copper toned coral bells and grasses in fall containers. They combine nicely with purple asters, golden mums and ornamental peppers.


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