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Viburnums for Year-Round Beauty

Flowers, foliage, fall color and low maintenance describe the versatile viburnum.  Use varieties like Judd, Mohican and our native arrowwood and nannyberry to create an attractive screen, hedge or mixed border.  Several viburnum varieties like doublefile and Koreanspice make great specimens or small groupings in the landscape.

You and the butterflies will enjoy the lacy or snowball shaped white, often fragrant spring flowers. As the blooms fade, berry-like fruit begins to develop and matures to red, blue or black. Most viburnums finish the growing season in a blaze of color. Their green leaves turn orange, red, or purplish-red in fall.

Grow them in full sun to partial shade and moist well-drained soil. Check the plant tag before purchasing to select the one that best fits your growing conditions, landscape design and available space.

A bit more information
Koreanspice viburnum not only provides multiple seasons of beauty, it also tolerates black walnut toxicity. Some of the other viburnums are drought tolerant once established. Consider Burkwood, Mohawk, Mohican, and Judd if drought tolerance is a desirable feature.


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