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Tax Relief Through Garden Therapy

Just say the date - April 15th and most U.S. citizens cringe, unless of course you are one of the lucky ones getting a refund. Soften the blow with a bit of horticulture therapy.

Once the taxes are mailed, take a walk through your yard, neighborhood or nearby botanical garden. Walking and working in nature helps lower our blood pressure and improve our mood.

See what’s blooming and pick a few favorites to add to your landscape. That way you can look forward to these beautiful blooms each year. It’s a great distraction, redirecting your thoughts from tax day to gardening.

Or plant some seeds indoors or out. Check the seed packet for specifics. And if the weather is bad consider repotting overgrown houseplants or start some new plants from cuttings. These can be added to your indoor or outdoor container gardens as soon as they’re rooted and the weather permits.

A bit more information: My tax day planting includes winter aconite (Eranthis) and snowdrops (Galanthus). Most years they are in full bloom on tax day. These minor bulbs brighten my spring landscape and assure me the garden season has arrived.


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