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Grow Sunflowers in This Year’s Garden

Here are a few reasons to add easy care Sunflowers to your garden.

Sunflowers are nature’s bird feeder, attracting these winged visitors to the garden. No need to refill or clean, just enjoy the show. And yes, squirrels often visit but you just might enjoy watching their acrobatics when retrieving the seeds.

New shorter, smaller flowered, and pollenless varieties make it easier to grow, cut and arrange your own sunflower bouquets.

Pollinators, mostly bees, but also hummingbirds and butterflies visit the flowers. Plant some in or near the vegetable garden to increase these visitors needed to pollinate many of our vegetables.

Smaller varieties like Sunray Yellow and Music Box are the perfect size for containers.

Harvest a few seeds to roast and enjoy. Or try growing sunflower microgreens, you’ll enjoy the nutty fresh flavor.

A bit more information:  Select sunflower seeds labeled for sprouting or microgreens. These contain no chemicals and were selected for this purpose.

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