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Using Kelp to Fertilize Grape Vines

What do you think of Kelp as a fertilizer for grape vine? I've got 50 grape vines; St Pipen, St Croix and Foch. What fertilizer is best?

Start with a soil test.  This will tell you exactly what type and how much fertilizers your grapes need.  Your local University Extension service can provide information on how and where to have your soil tested.  If needed, go with a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer like Milorganite.  Most urban soils have high to excess levels of phosphorous and potassium.  So before adding more make sure you need it.  Many books and pamphlets recommend 10-10-10 fertilizers.  The idea is to keep things in balance.  But most plants do not use these nutrients in equal amounts resulting in a build up of phosphorous and potassium in the soil.  So test first for best results.


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