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Starting New Clematis Plants from Parent Plant

I am selling my house and hate to leave my favorite clematis behind.  How can I start a new plant for my home?

Start new plants from cuttings or layered stems.  Both methods have their advantages.  Short sections of stems can be cut from the plant in June. Dip the cuttings in a rooting hormone, available at most garden centers, to encourage rooting and discourage rot.  Stick the cut end in moist vermiculite, or other well-drained potting mix. Place the cuttings in a shaded location.  Cuttings should root in about 4 weeks.  Layering is a little more cumbersome but has good results.  Remove one of the clematis stems from its support.  Leave the stem attached to the parent plant.  The main plant's root system will help support the section you are trying to root.  Nick the stem about 9 to 12 inches below the tip of the stem.  Cover this area of the stem with moist soil leaving the tip of the plant above ground.  The stem can be buried in the garden or a container set near the clematis.  I would recommend the latter since you will be moving soon.   Keep the soil moist to encourage root formation.  Once the buried stem forms roots it can be cut from the parent plant and allowed to grow on its own.


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