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Starting New Blueberry Plants

Are blueberry plants propagated from its roots or seeds?

Since blueberries do not come true from seeds most gardeners and professionals start new plants from cuttings. Seed propagation is most commonly used in breeding new varieties. You probably want to start your new plants from cuttings. Take 4 to 6 inch leaf-stem cuttings that are less than ¼ inch in diameter. Dip the cut end in a rooting product to speed the process. Use hardwood cuttings taken in late winter or early spring before growth begins or softwood cuttings taken in early summer from new growth. Root cuttings in a well drained rooting mix, vermiculite or sand. Keep rooting medium warm and moist and the plants in a bright location out of direct sun. Transplant rooted cuttings into a larger container to grow on to a larger plant better suited for placing into the garden.


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