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Many Landscape Plants Have Brown Leaf Edges

Several of my plants including trees, shrubs and perennials have problems.  Many of their leaves are browning around the edges.  Is it a bug?

Sounds like you plants are suffering from scorch.   This means the plants are losing moisture faster from their leaves than they are able to take it up through the roots.  Extremely hot weather is the culprit.  Moisture loving plants, new plantings with smaller root systems and those suffering root rot from extremely wet springs and flooding are usually the hardest hit. Provide needed water during dry periods.  Check plants growing in sandy soils twice a week and those growing in clay soil once a week.  Water when the top 3 to inches is crumbly and moist.  Mulch plants with shredded leaves, evergreen needles, woodchips or other organic matter to help conserve moisture, keep the roots cool and moist and reduce scorch.


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