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Leaves Fall Off Christmas Cactus

I have been having a problem of the leaves falling off my Christmas Cacti. I put them outside in the summer and new growth comes on them just fine, but when I bring them in the house in the fall the leaves start falling off. It doesn't matter where I put them they do it. I have tried not watering them until they are really dry and I have tried watering them more often. Nothing seems to work. Do you have any ideas?

The transition from the bright lights of the outdoors to the lower light and less than ideal conditions indoors results in leaf drop. Most plants drop some leaves and once adjusted produce new shade tolerant leaves suited to the low light environment indoors. You can minimize the problem with one or several of these options. Supplement natural light with artificial light. A cool fluorescent bulb can give the plants the added light they need. Or consider growing the plants in a somewhat shaded location outside for summer. This creates a less drastic difference in light conditions and results in less stress and often less leaf drop for your plants. Otherwise, as you discovered the plants survive - it's just stressful for you and them. 


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