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Keeping Mandevilla Alive Over Winter

Is it possible to keep a mandevilla alive over winter?  I live in zone 4.

Bring the whole plant indoors and place it in front of your sunniest window.  No need to prune.  In fact the more stems and leaves the more energy the plant can produce to get it through this difficult period.  Add an artificial light if possible.  Your plant will drop leaves as it adapts to its new location.  Be patient, you should see signs of new growth soon.  Water the soil thoroughly whenever the top few inches begin to dry.  Pour off the excess water or place a few pebbles in the saucer.  The pot will sit on the pebbles above the water to prevent root rot.  Plus the extra humidity helps the plant tolerate the dry air indoors.  Do not fertilize until late winter unless the plant starts producing new growth and show signs it needs fertilizing.  I failed at my first attempt but once I found the right location I was been able to keep a plant growing for 4 years.


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