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Getting Bromeliad to Rebloom

A friend gave me a bromeliad with a flower on it.  Do you let the flower dry off?  How do you get it to rebloom?

Bromeliad flowers last a long time.  Leave the flower attached as long as it is firm and fully colored.  Remove the flower when it starts to fade and brown.  The original plant will eventually send out small offsets (plants) and the original plant will eventually die.  This is normal.  You can separate and plant the small offsets in individual pots or leave them all in one large container.  These can be forced to bloom after they reach full size.  Place the full sized offsets, pot and all, in a plastic bag with a slice of apple.  Keep the bagged plant out of direct sun and the bag closed for 3 days.  The apple gives off ethylene that initiates the flowering process.  Remove the plant from the bag and provide normal care.   Your efforts and patience will soon be rewarded with a new flower.  


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