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Fast Growing Evergreen Border

Short of moving we need to plant a fast, tall, evergreen border between ourselves and a "sloppy" neighbor. Could you recommend a bush or shrub that is fast growing and survives in clay soil?

Arborvitae and upright junipers have traditionally filled this role in the landscape. They grow and average of 13 to 24 inches each year. Arborvitae can tolerate a little light shade but are a favorite food for deer. Hetz Wintergreen is one of the fastest growing upright arborvitaes. It tends to have a looser growth habit in its youth but will fill in with age.

Junipers are best suited to full sun locations. They are very heat and drought tolerant. Hooks (Hooks #6) is a fast growing pyramidal type. If you have some space you may want to try Hetz juniper. This fast growing upright plant can be as broad as it is tall (up to 15 feet).

A strategically placed trellis covered with fast growing vines may be a quicker short or long term solution. 


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