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Electronic Press Kit

Grow Budget-Wise, Beautiful Gardens Anywhere Program

with garden expert & author Melinda Myers in conjunction with
Wisconsin Public Libraries and Upper Peninsula of Michigan Public Libraries

Dear Library Partner,

We’re excited to share this year’s garden programming from Melinda Myers with you and your patrons to use from April – September. Be sure to check out the program website where Melinda is offering 3 garden webinars, 4 activities, and 3 videos free of charge to your library. We encourage you to add your own creative activities, book lists, and more tied to the gardening themes. Consider hosting a webinar watch party or invite patrons to do the program activities & DIY projects in groups at your library. 

What’s in the Press Kit?

We’ve put together this electronic press kit to help you promote the “Grow Budget-Wise, Beautiful Gardens Anywhere” library program. Included in the kit you’ll find:

Webinar Recordings are now available for these past webinars:
​​​​​April 18, 2023, 6:30 p.m. CT - Growing a Bountiful Harvest
This webinar can now be watched on demand by clicking here 

May 3, 2023, 6:30 p.m. CT - Gardening in a Changing Climate
This webinar can now be watched on demand by clicking here


Library Patron QR code.png

What’s on the public program web page?

We’re providing all the webinar info and registration links, videos, and activities (projects will be added throughout the year) on https://www.melindamyers.com/articles/grow-budget-wise-beautiful-gardens-anywhere-2023-library-garden-program so please link to the webpage from your library website.  Check out the web banners/graphics that can be downloaded and placed on your website and linked to the program web page.  There you and your patrons can find:

  • 3 Gardening Webinar Registration Links (4/18, 5/3 & 9/13) presented by Melinda Myers
    • We will link to each on-demand recording after the live webinars
    • If you want to host the webinar(s) at your library, please promote that and encourage patrons to register with you.
  • 4 Gardening Activities/DIY Projects, Activity Guides, and Backyard Journal (downloadable) - 
    • Consider hosting events for your patrons to do the activities at your library
  • 3 Gardening Videos


Help promote the program to your library patrons and community!

We want this program to be a success! Please promote it in your community and to your patrons.

  • Share the news release(s) with your local media.
  • Promote it on your website - Download web banners/graphics and link to the program web page.
  • Promote the programming over your social media channels.
    •  If you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, please tag us in your posts:
      • Twitter: melindagardens  /  Facebook: MelindaMyersLLC  /
        Instagram: melindamyersgardens  

      • Twitter: we_energies / Facebook: WeEnergies


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out

Diana Paul ~ diana@melindamyers.com ~ 414.758.7047

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