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Circle of Mushrooms in the Lawn

I have a fairy ring in my front yard. It's always green and in the fall is a circle of mushrooms. What causes it and what's the best way to get rid of it?

Fungus is the cause of these mushroom producing rings of dark green grass. Living with the problem is the easiest solution. Water during drought and fertilize to minimize the symptoms. You may need to punch holes through the fungal mat that forms just below the soil surface to help the water reach the grass roots. Rake or mow to destroy the mushrooms as they form to improve the appearance and reduce the temptation to kids and pets. The only permanent solution is to remove and replace the infected soil. Carefully removing the soil 12 inches below and slightly wider than the ring being careful not to drop any infected soil on the lawn. Professionals have found ProStar fungicide to be effective on this disease.


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