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Care of Carnivorous Plants

I would love to grow carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps and sundews. I've studied how to grow these plants, but I can't seem to succeed.

As you discovered this is a difficult group of plants to grow.  They are native to bogs.  The Venus flytrap is hardy to zones 8 through 10 and must be grown as a houseplant in other regions.  The sundews are hardy in zones 3 through 9 depending on the species.  Hardy types can be grown outdoors in bog gardens or indoors as a houseplant.  Both plants benefit from the moist humid conditions of a terrarium.  Use an aquarium or purchase a terrarium for this purpose.  Keep enclosed terrariums out of direct sun to avoid overheating the plants.  Grow the plants in an organic soil and keep it moist.  Cover the terrarium opening to increase the humidity around the plants.  You will need to vent the top if condensation collects on the side walls. Keep trying the reward of success will far outweigh the battle.


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