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What do math, nature and gardening have in common? The Fibonacci Spiral.

In math, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers goes 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13 and continues indefinitely. This sequence is derived by adding the two previous numbers.

If you square each number, align the squares into a rectangle and connect them with a dissecting arc you get the Fibonacci spiral which appears in nature.

Take a look at the patterns of the scales of a pine cone. See the spiral? Then examine the seeds in the head of a sunflower or spirals in a nautilus seashell.

Here at Boerner Botanical Gardens they took inspiration from this concept to create a spiral of color in the shade. The foxtail fern creates the spiral amongst a planting of pink impatiens.

So slow down and take a second look at the nature around you for a bit of inspiration.

A bit more information:  Explore other garden styles that find inspiration in nature. For example, Japanese gardens are designed to mimic nature. This style uses trees, other plants, structures and stones to create a feeling of spaciousness and the natural spaces of Japan.