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Melinda Myers

Nationally known gardening expert, TV/Radio host, author & columnist with over 30 years of horticulture experience and tons of gardening information to share!

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Create an intimate space in your garden for relaxing or entertaining with strategically placed plants and furnishings.

These narrow Temple’s Upright sugar maples (Acer saccharum ‘Temple’s Upright’) create a private seating area and block the view of an adjacent public right-of-way. The North American native can grow 6 to 12 feet wide and 50 feet tall.

A row of Scarlet Sentinel™ (Malus Scarlet Sentinel™) columnar apples back the seating wall surrounding this fire pit. The white flowers, greenish-yellow fruit blushed red and fall color add seasonal beauty and edibility to this outdoor entertainment area.

Or use a vine-covered trellis for screening in those narrow spaces. Combine several vines for added color or an extended bloom time.

This cozy sitting area is next to a busy street. The arborvitaes (Thuja occidentalis) block the noise and create a bit of privacy.

Or immerse yourself in the garden by placing a bench in one of your planting beds.

A bit more information:  Increase the health and beauty of living screens by including a variety of plants. If a pest attacks, it is less likely to kill all the plants. And it will be easier to add new plants to the mature planting. Plus, with a mix of plants you can add seasonal flowers, fall color, texture and more diverse beauty.