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Wildlife Control

Any time of the year you may find yourself doing battle for your landscape with rabbits, deer or other wildlife.

They're cute, they're furry and they love to eat your landscape that is. At any time of year you may find yourself doing battle with the rabbits, deer or other wildlife.

A four to five foot fence around a small garden is the best defense against most critters. Secure the bottom tight to the ground or buried several inches to prevent rabbits and other small wildlife from crawling underneath.

Scare tactics have been used for many years. Plastic owls, clanging pans and other devices strategically placed around a garden may help scare away unwanted critters. Unfortunately urban animals are used to noise and people smell.

Homemade and commercial repellents can also be used. Make sure they are safe to use on the plants you are treating. Some gardeners sprinkle hot cayenne pepper on the plants to discourage animal feeding. Be sure to keep the pepper away from your eyes.

Don't give up. Try a combination of tactics and continually check for damage.