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Melinda Myers

Nationally known gardening expert, TV/Radio host, author & columnist with over 30 years of horticulture experience and tons of gardening information to share!

Melinda's Garden Moment videos will help you create that beautiful landscape you’ve always wanted. Each week throughout the growing season, a new gardening video will be added right here, so be sure to stop back. You can also watch Melinda’s Garden Moments on your local network TV station affiliate.


Strategies to Keep You Gardening

Don't let a sore back, bad knees, or a bit of arthritis prevent you from gardening.

Select ergonomically designed tools for comfort and to prolong your time in the garden. These light weight pistol grip hand tools allow you to keep your wrist extension straight avoiding fatigue and carpel tunnel.

The unique handle on this leaf rake, the strategically positioned and curved teeth on these rakes extend your reach and gripping power with less effort and body strain.

And check out this shovel. The foot tread provides added space for extra foot power and comfort and the paddle handle with cushion grip adds extra pain free leverage.

Invest in ergonomically designed pruners to increase pruning power with less effort. Youll be able to spend more time pruning with less pain and fatigue.

This kneeler makes it easier to reach your plant and the extra cushion is good for any gardener's knees.

Or use containers to bring your garden up to a comfortable working height.

A bit more information: Wall gardens provide easy access, spruce up a drab wall or fence and provide additional gardening space. The 2 X 4 frame is backed with plywood. The center is filled with a well drained potting mix held in place by weed barrier and chicken wire or lattice. Slice planting holes into the fabric and set lettuce, herbs, impatiens or other suitable plants through the fabric and into the potting mix. Use sphagnum moss to hold soil in place if needed. Water through holes drilled in the top section of the frame and at the base of individual plants as needed.