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Some Like it Hot, Flowers for Hot and Dry Locations

You can save water and time yet still have beautiful flowers. Heat and drought tolerant beauties, once established can thrive on less water.

Lantana is a favorite of butterflies and great for hot dry conditions in the garden or a container. Fresh Look celosia was selected as a 2004 All-America Selection winner for its abundant blooms as well as tolerance to adverse growing conditions.

Butterfly weed is a favorite of the Monarch butterfly and adds beauty to our gardens. I let them wander through the garden establishing themselves where they prefer.

Red Fountain and other ornamental grasses provide texture and motion to annual, perennial and mixed border gardens.

The low growing Sanvitalia 'Aztec Gold' and bidens add bright yellow to the edge of the garden. And be sure to try spider cleome. These large plants provide great impact and the spidery flowers add interest.

A bit more information: Zinnia, sunflowers, gazania, moss rose and Dahlberg daisy are just a few drought tolerant annuals to consider. You will need to water young transplants of drought tolerant plants. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of the soil starts to dry. Once established you will find these plants need less frequent watering than your other annuals.