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Raised Bed Gardening

Don’t let lousy soil, bad knees or an aching back stop you from gardening. Try raising the planting bed to a comfortable height.

We made our raised beds from naturally long-lasting cedar. Plastic lumber, boulders or treated timbers will also work.  Just make sure the preservatives used are safe for plants and people.

Our beds are 4 x 8 feet for easy access and 16 inches deep, allowing plenty of space for the plant roots. You may want to make yours higher for easier access.  Or get creative and do something fun like this star bed.

Set the bed in place – you may want corner stakes to help anchor it in place. Level the bed, checking all sides. Next, fill with a quality topsoil. Add compost or garden amendment if needed. Mix this and fertilizer into the topsoil, rake smooth and allow it to settle. Now your garden is ready for planting.

A bit more information: Raised beds are also great options for young gardeners. It separates the garden from the path, helping to keep little feet off the plants. Plus, little ones will enjoy sitting on the garden edge as they reach in to plant seeds, pull weeds and harvest the flowers and vegetables they helped to grow.